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Classic 1750 Sundial Compass, Brass with FREE custom Gift Box and Brochure of its History   This beautiful hand-polished, solid brass 18th century reproduction is a striking and unique instrument with museum quality workmanship, from the folding "style" to the hand lettered paper in eight points of the compass colored in the original hues of red and blue.  Actual size is 1-3/4" in diameter.

1750 Sundial Compass, Brass

SKU: 1750-B
  • This 1750 Sundial Compass, an 18th Century Reproduction, was found in the remains of an officer's hut of Roger's Rangers, the famous forerunners of the modern 75th Ranger Regiment. of the French and Indian War period  (1755-1763) prior to the Revolutionary War.  Today it is used by Historical Re-enactors, museums, hunters, military and maritime collectors, corporate gifts, sports awards, and  reunion memento gifts.  
    Let your adventures begin!

  • 1750 Sundial Compass is hand-polished.  If you desire to keep it from tarnishing (unless you want an aged patina), you can us a small amount of metal or brass polish on a soft cloth or tissue.  It will bring back the original luster of this instrument.

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